Brent is somewhere in his thirties and a man by most accounts.  He is in his fledgling years of marriage to the gorgeous Meg and is learning to be a man in her account.  He is a knowledge lover, a skill developer, and a character chaser.


I might admit to being a former English student at Clemson University.  I will certainly admit to being a current student of the human condition.

This blog is about things that matter: somber things, funny things, and things that stretch the mind.  Many things matter.  Our goal is to figure out why.

I’m a flawed man who has made many mistakes and taken several odd turns.  But I strive to be a thinker and a seeker of meaning and purpose, wherever that might take me.  If you identify with any of that or simply desire a little more depth in an increasingly shallow world, join me as I learn to live a life that really matters in a way that can affect real change.